I’ve completed a new SPIDER-MAN NOIR art print recently. It was originally a commission that I scanned and cleaned for colorist Tan Shu to make even better. It’s now available everywhere I show up at Conventions.


Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse is a gift that keeps giving. Clearly the best movie of 2018! Okay, I am biased. But even if I wasn’t the go-creator of Spider-Man Noir, i would pick it up as my favorite. When it was announced as an Oscar contender, i drew this piece below. If the movie wins … More WHAT’S UP DANGER?


I haven’t posted or updated in a while. That’s mainly because my job at Humanoids is incredibly intense (which I could talk about all the cool stuff now but everyone will have to wait until NYCC 18). I didn’t find the time to write stories a lot but the little time I have left, I’m … More RANDOM ART


I just received my copy of the Kirby and Me book. It’s a massive project. 320 page. 215 creators involved. All of us were summoned by two french guys, Mickael and Alain to celebrate the King of Comics: Jack Kirby. In the book, my contribution is rather small in size and it’s my fault because … More KIRBY AND ME