FairSquare Comics is still young! We are looking for ambitious new writers, artists (pencils, inks, colors) and interns (editorial, marketing, design) as we are constantly developing new projects!
Writers, please fill the PITCH SHEET we created here and send it back to the email below.

You have 1 to 6 pages stories already done? You can also submit your work for inclusion in our new periodical, MUTINY MAGAZINE. To do so, fill the PITCH SHEET and add art pages to your email. Interested? Get in touch!

Fill the form on the right or write directly to:


• An introductory email (tell us who you are)
• Your resume
• Links to your social media

• An introductory email (tell us who you are)
• At least FIVE pages of sequential art (no letters)
• At least ONE illustration
• VARIETY in your art. If you’re only pitching superheroes or furry animals, it’s not going to work. Show us that you have skills, imagination, style!
• Your resume (if you have one)
• Links to your gallery/social media

PLEASE allow 3-5 weeks for an answer.
PLEASE be cordial and patient.
PLEASE don’t pitch yourself multiple times.

If you have not received an answer after 12 weeks, consider us not interested in your services.

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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