Breath of the Giant


Sisters Iris and Sophia, lost their mother and have hard time overcoming the loss.  But they hear of an old legend: whoever steals the Breath of a Giant can bring any love one from beyond the grave! They journey was just the beginning…


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According to legends, the North is the home of Giants whose breath has the power to bring the dead back to life. Sisters Iris and Sophia, decide to go on a quest to steal this breath in order to resuscitate their dearly departed mother. They can count on magic, but above all, they will have to conquer their fears. And who’s Fagus, the man following them from a distance? He too, has lost a person dear to his heart and wants to bring them back at all costs. Will he prevent Iris and Sophia from being reunited with their mom? Filled with hope, Breath of the Giant combines Sorcery and Fantasy in a powerful tale from young writer and artist Tom Aureille.

148 pages. Full Color. 10+. Softcover.

Praise for Breath of the Giant: 
“Through quiet fireside chats, emotionally charged battle sequences, and flashbacks of their tumultuous childhood, Aureille showcases the sisters’ by turns tender and tense relationship, empathetically elevating this high-stakes tale of loss, healing, and grief” — Publisher’s Weekly

“A deep and compelling story that will pull the heartstrings of readers, this is an excellent tale about the power of perseverance while coping with the loss of a loved one.”
–Adam Fisher (School Library Journal)

“This book…has great pictures and expressive visuals. One of those books you can’t put down until the end.” Laura on Goodreads

“Knowing nothing about it before it proved a charming surprise” anonymous Goodreads review

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