Lady-Bird Volume 1 (Trade Paperback)


Lady-bird Begins tells the story of two young women with the same very special powers but living a hundred years apart. Both have to fight abuse, patriarchy and greed in their own way. Perfect for young teens and older who love comic books, manga, anime and fierce girl power stories.

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Two young women, Vega and Mina, living 100 years apart share the same strange abilities. They hold the genetic key to saving the world from all known viruses and diseases, but they’ve been captured and taken advantage of by people more interested by power and money than anything else. In 1909, Vega is trapped. Forced to be a warrior when all she wants is love. In the present, Mina has escaped. Helped by Tamara, a former astronaut and her scientist friend Marques, she has a chance to use her amazing abilities and spread her wings to learn the truth about her origins..

This is the first Young Adult title from FairSquare Comics. A thrilling adventure that will win your heart.
Written by Fabrice Sapolsky and Dawn J.Starr.
Art by Daniele Sapuppo and cover by Lissa.

128 page graphic novel.



“Omg!!!! When does the next book come out … #LadyBird is 180 pages of suspense, drama, and mystery … and why is there always a rich bed ridden old man that has lives way longer than humanly possible in the middle of everything … the manga like feel of the art is to die for … so worth the read” – Elle

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