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Having babies? No thank you. Or not right now. In NO KIDDING, Jean and Lucy would love to choose their future without being judged… for once! A precious graphic novel about women’s rights. Indispensable!

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No Kidding is a slice of life modern feminist graphic novel with a humorous take on a serious subject and a woman’s right to choose if they want to opt out of motherhood or not. 
Jean, 35 years old, doesn’t want to be a mother.  Lucy did not plan on having a kid… But became pregnant. What is she going to do? Abortion? No abortion? That is the question!
It’s the story of every woman refusing political correctness and diktats of the biological clock… Loaded with lots of humor and sarcasm and strong examples of woman making choices for their own bodies!

Written by Vero Cazot (“About Betty’s Boobs”) with art by Marguerite Sauvage drawing under pen name Madeleine Martin.

120 page graphic novel



“The creators don’t flinch from the most difficult conversations surrounding the topic, and the scenarios feel real to anyone who has ever given the subject of having children any serious thought. Each of the women struggles with conflicting personal feelings, anxieties, social expectations, the judgment of family members, and the practical consequences that having children would have on their lives.” – Forbes

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