FairSquare Comics LLC was created in June 2019 to develop, publish and distribute original comic books and graphic novels. FairSquare Comics‘ mission statement is to promote and give more exposure to immigrants, minorities and under-represented creators of the world; an objective emphasized in our company’s mantra:

“Comics from the rest of us” 

The FairSquare Comics Team

Fabrice Sapolsky, CEO & Founder

Though he is mostly known to general audiences as the co-creator/co-writer of Spider-Man Noir for Marvel Comics (with David Hine), He is first and foremost a publishing professional. Through his 25+ years in publishing, Fabrice served as Editor and packager for multiple companies in France and the US including Albin Michel, Heavy Metal, Panini to Jungle Comics, but also DC Comics, Humanoids, Tapestry Productions and Ablaze Comics. As a comic book creator, he released five creator-owned graphic novels in the last five years including fan favorites INTERTWINED, ONE-HIT WONDER and LADY-BIRD.

Kristal Adams Sapolsky, Co-owner and Brand Manager

In addition to being the Co-Owner and Brand Manager for FairSquare Comics, Kristal Adams is a standup comedian and podcaster who was recently named one of 7 Black Female Comics to See Before they Blow Up by Madame Noire Magazine. She’s been a Comedy Producer on TBS’s Wipeout and a Consulting Producer on Netflix’s The Circle. 

Ethan Sapolsky, Co-Owner and Brand Ambassador

Ethan stands out for his strong international experience. Having lived in the EU, UK and on both US coasts, he acquired through his travels a true passion for sales and having genuine one-on-one interactions with customers and clients.

Licensing contact

JEFF WEBBER AGENCY: jeff@jeff-webber.com

Publicity Contact

STRANGE SOLUTIONS/Sean Wynn: seanw@strange-solutions.com

Custom Comics

WILL TORRES: willtor004@gmail.com

All Other Inquiries


The Mission

Sure, other publishers will promote diversity and that’s awesome (the more, the better). But at FairSquare Comics, it’s all in our DNA. We offer competitive deals to our creators in which they keep 100% of their rights. They’re also fairly compensated for their work because creating comics is not a hobby, it’s a real job! 

By supporting our books such as Noir Is the New Black, One-Hit Wonder, Intertwined, Lady-Bird and all the incredible projects to come, you’re not simply supporting talent but an entire community.

In 2021, FairSquare Comics launched MUTINY MAGAZINE, bringing independent and mainstream comics under the same roof for the first time ever.

FairSquare Comics is an immigrant and minority owned publishing company based in California, USA.


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