We’ve been teasing this project for a long time. Now it’s time for our “first lady” to spread her wings. On November 10th, LADY-BIRD will finally debut on Kickstarter.

This campaign is simply exceptional. In LADY-BIRD begins, you’ll be able to read the first 2 chapters of the series in a premium comic book that will quicky become a collector’s edition!

We’ll be offering 6 different covers from our main artist, Daniele Sapuppo as well as Lissa, Fred Pham Chuong, Will Torres and Fabrice Sapolsky. The final cover will be a blank variant.

LADY-BIRD tells the story of two young women with the same very special powers but living a hundred years apart. Both have to fight abuse, patriarchy and greed in their own way. How are they connected? What makes them so special? You’ll have to read the series to know!

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