Solicitations for OCTOBER 2022

According to legends, the North is the home of Giants whose breath has the power to bring the dead back to life. Sisters Iris and Sophia, decide to go on a quest to steal this breath in order to resuscitate their dearly departed mother. They can count on magic, but above all, they will haveContinue reading “Solicitations for OCTOBER 2022”

We’re not KIDDING about solicitations for September 2022

In a country deeply divided about women’s rights to their bodies, and with the recent announcement from the Supreme Court, we bring to you the book that will make you laugh, think, and maybe cry. This Fall, FairSquare Comics is going to release its first slice of life graphic novel and this one is unlikeContinue reading “We’re not KIDDING about solicitations for September 2022”


At FairSquare Comics, we care about people and representation. As Pride Month begins today, we want to highlight our LGBTQIA+ collaborators and characters. Our flagship title, INTERTWINED, by Fabrice Sapolsky and Fred Pham Chuong, contains a Queer love story that makes the whole graphic novel relevant. The key segment revealing the relationship between Da WeiContinue reading “PRIDE MONTH IS HERE!”

FairSquare Comics titles for August 2022

This August, comes a second entry in the CLASSIFIED collection with THE BLACK BOX! Where fiction meets reality. Where ordinary people living extraordinary adventures, here comes CLASSIFIED, the Spy/Thriller/Mystery collection from FairSquare Comics. After Ibrahim Moustafa’s JAEGER in may, here is THE BLACK BOX. Uli Troy is a historian working at the secret White HouseContinue reading “FairSquare Comics titles for August 2022”


After NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK and MUTINY, we decided to take our passion to the next level with the mothership of all projects: a Graphic Anthology about FUNK MUSIC and… A FUNKY COOKBOOK! Spearheaded by a musical legend: JELLYBEAN JOHNSON! It was meant to be. Call it fate, human design, anything you want. But whenContinue reading “GET FUNKY WITH US ON KICKSTARTER!”

FairSquare Comics titles for MAY2022

Where fiction meets reality. Where ordinary people living extraordinary adventures, here comes CLASSIFIED: JAEGER from spy comics mastermind IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA, the first volume in a new collection from the team that brought you NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK.


You have something to say? Now it’s time to say it… In comic book form! MUTINY MAGAZINE is ready to welcome you with open arms. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an undiscovered talent, we want to hear from you! So, if you read this, you already know about our MUTINY MAGAZINE publication (and If youContinue reading “SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN!”


We joked that November, when we launched our Kickstarter campaign should’ve be called “Novembird” to honor our new series, but actually, finishing in “Decembird” isn’t bad either. Long story short: we did it! Our sixth campaign was a victorious one. Get ready to have your first taste of LADY-BIRD starting this January, an appetizer beforeContinue reading “FUNDED! LADY-BIRD ON HER WAY TO THE TOP…”


HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! This weekend is #NoirFriday at FairSquare Comics. We’ll be attending Comic-Con International Special Edition all weekend from Friday 11/26 to Sunday 11/28 and we have specials! First, you’ll be able to buy both issues of MUTINY MAGAZINE and ALL covers will be available for purchase (yes!)We’ll have our graphic novels: NOIR ISContinue reading “NOIR FRIDAY AT FAIRSQUARE COMICS!”