It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since FairSquare Comics was launched in 2019. The Spirit of the Earth and all the Champions of WuXing are finally back. It’s the beginning of a new journey for Juan Jin, Leah Ai Tian, Antwan and all the heroes of this unique Kung Fu inclusive tale…

Yes, The one and only KUNG FU NOIR graphic novel, INTERTWINED, comes back to stores today October 20th. Starting with COMIC BOOK STORES, then Nov.2nd everywhere else books are sold (but you can still order, links below). INTERTWINED isn’t just another superhero book. It’s an inclusive journey into the life of a reluctant hero who’s also an immigrant. It’s such an important series. So important in fact that we made the main character, the Spirit of The Earth, the emblem of our company FairSquare Comics

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For more information on our label: http://www.fairsquarecomics.com

Text line: +1(323) 405-9401

Order your copy now at your Local Comic Book Store with code AUG211760 or at these sellers:

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