Today, at last, MUTINY MAGAZINE#1 hits the streets. Our magazine is only available in stores and on our webstore and it’s packed with tons of features…

It’s probably a good thing: today not only marks the release of our first issue, but it’s also Comic Store Day, an event put together by ComicsPro, an organization promoting and highlighting comic book stores.

Here’s what our peers from COMICSBEAT are saying about MUTINY MAGAZINE:

“This week, FairSquare Comics releases Mutiny Magazine #1, the first direct market issue of their anthology series blending comics with prose and essays by established and up-and-coming creators. The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the three comic stories featured in Mutiny Magazine #1, from creators Brandon ThomasIbrahim Moustafa, and more.

Mutiny Magazine began its life with a successful Kickstarter campaign for the series’ #0 issue earlier this year. It’s the latest release from FairSquare Comics, a publisher dedicated to promoting diverse and underrepresented creators and stories, which has also released books including Intertwined and the anthology graphic novel Noir is the New Black.

“After we launched the successful Kickstarter campaign for NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK in 2020, I realized there was no way back,” FairSquare Comics founder and writer Fabrice Sapolsky told The Beat. “I was, de facto, a publisher. But I also knew that publishing is such a competitive environment, so FairSquare Comics had to do things differently. It’s already a challenge to be an immigrant and minority-owned company and to try to be visible out there, especially with limited funding. Then I thought about the Golden and Silver age of our industry. Many publishers started on a shoestring budget and had to outsmart the system. So we just had to be smarter.

Sapolsky described Mutiny Magazine as “an old-fashioned magazine for today’s world, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity, representing both mainstream and indie comics. It contains interviews, features, and 50+ pages of original comic stories. All original content; you’ll read it here first. Made with premium features; thick interior paper and cover with a matte soft-touch finish. MUTINY MAGAZINE is guaranteed to be a sensory experience.”

In an interesting move, FairSquare Comics has opted to make Mutiny Magazine a print-only title, available only to the general public via the direct market. “No digital version is available, except for subscribers.,” Sapolsky said. “MUTINY isn’t just for fans. It’s also a love letter to retailers, to the Direct Market.”

Check out the previews of the three comic stories, along with descriptions and full creative team credits for each, below, along with variant covers for Mutiny Magazine #1 by Gene Ha & Seb Lamirand and Karen Darboe, below. The oversized anthology magazine is available in stores now.” Credits: The Beat’s Joe Grunenwald.

To find the nearest comic book store:

All covers for issue #1 are available in stores or on our webstore (except cover D, which is SOLD OUT). Cover E is only available here.

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