Aliens are here. Well, we’re not talking about the ones from space, but the ones from other countries. FairSquare Comics is proud to welcome a new partner: ALIEN BOOKS. And they’re coming with a team of incredible talents…

United we are stronger! Immigrant and minority owned publisher FairSquare Comics just announced partnership with newly formed international studio Alien Books, bringing dozens of high profile creators and titles to the American market!

English, French, Spanish… They may sound different, but when it comes to comics, the two companies are speaking the same language: quality, variety, diversity and a true passion for sequential art.

Per the multi-year agreement, ALIEN BOOKS will be added to the FairSquare Comics catalogue, distributed worldwide by Diamond Comics and Diamond Book Distributors, bringing a new color to the family: FairSquare Gold!

“Retailers and readers are now used to our color coded system. And rather than blending ALIEN BOOKS into one of our other color lines, we added a fresh one just for them. The beautiful thing about ALIEN BOOKS is that their catalogue complements ours. They’re coming with incredible talents and genres such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Art Books and Western that we are not offering. This partnership is a no-brainer and I am thrilled by the possibilities it will bring for both companies” says Fabrice Sapolsky, FairSquare Comics CEO/Publisher.

“We couldn’t be more excited to start working in partnership with FairSquare Comics. This collaboration gives us a ton of opportunities to showcase a diverse array of talented established and up-and-coming artists and to bring unique, original stories to the table. Together, we’re committed to adding even more diversity to the already rich tapestry of FairSquare Comics’ offerings” adds Matts, Publisher, Alien Books.

The ALIEN BOOKS comics and graphic novels will debut in April, 2023 with an art book: ART OF ARIEL OLIVETTI. The Argentinian maestro delivers an incredible opus displaying some of his most amazing pieces created for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, BOOM Studios and more over his 25 year career. Discover or re-discover Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Venom, Cable, Space Ghost and many others like you’ve never seen them before, commented by Ariel Olivetti himself. THE ART OF ARIEL OLIVETTI will be available, starting April 5th (Direct Market) and April 18th (everywhere else) in both Hardcover and softcover editions.

But that’s not all. On April 12th, ALIEN BOOKS will present a never published before horror anthology from best-selling writer and artist Damian Connelly. BLOOD, LOVE, GHOST AND A DEADLY SPELL packs 4 short horrific tales and a poem from the mind of the hit series YOU PROMISED ME DARKNESS and FOLLOW ME INTO DARKNESS creator.

Only available in comic book stores, BLOOD, LOVE, GHOST AND A DEADLY SPELL comes to you on April 12th, 2023 with three stunning covers from Damian Connelly himself.

That, of course, is only the beginning.

International talents such as Leandro Fernandez (THE OLD GUARD), Howard Chaykin (HEY, KIDS! COMICS), Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS) and many more, all have projects with ALIEN BOOKS.

ALIEN BOOKS titles can be found in the FairSquare Comics Gold section of PREVIEWS catalog (and For more information on the nearest retailer:

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