After the first issue, there were a lot of comments (I’ll touch that later), but now here’s issue #2 and its surprises! Among them are a scene I loved to write, the first EVER murder by pizza in comics!

I remember the exact moment I had this crazy idea. I was actually eating a bagel in my car and I couldn’t help to think about ONE HIT WONDER and how in many Mafia stories, there’s always an Italian restaurant. Those mafiosi use the restaurant as a cover, but they actually NEVER use their own food as a weapon. Of course, it gave me a silly idea! 😉 When I wrote the scene, it was clear in my mind that the reader would be left with a very awkward feeling: should he/she be frightened or laugh? Shall it leave a bad taste in their mouth?

I decided to let Ariel illustrate it and see afterwards. He absolutely loved the scene and delivered a very powerful rendering. But the strange feeling was still there. Now that issue #2 is out, what did you think?

Please hit me with your answer on twitter (@fabricesapolsky) or comment and tell me how did you feel about it.

To be continued…



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