If you read the Diamond solicitations or issue #2, you now know that Ariel Olivetti is no longer drawing the interiors of our series. We knew, early on, that Ariel’s schedule would make it very complicated to have him complete the project. And, indeed, his other commitments made him take this heartbreaking decision, as One Hit Wonder, though it came from my mind, is both Ariel and myself’s baby.
We started to look for replacement artists. And during a conversation with one of my friends, the fabulous Andrea Mutti, he suggested I talk to Irish artist Will Sliney (who happens to be the new Spider-Man 2099 artist for Marvel). I got in touch with Will and he recommended his friendly neighbor Stephen Thompson.
I vaguely knew Stephen’s work for Dark Horse, from some time ago. But I wasn’t too sure. So we asked him to draw a piece to convince us.

He did the page below and we were quite impressed. His pencils were colored by his friend Lisa Jackson and we hired them on the spot!

To be continued…




One Hit Wonder (test)

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