IMG_3940Alright b**ches… D-1! Tomorrow, One Hit Wonder#1 will be available in every comic book store in the US and the world, through Image Comics and Diamond. Boy, it’s been a long ride.

This is the ultimate step for Ariel and myself. A journey started late June 2012 when I approached him about doing a cover for me and we ended up talking about a project that would morph into One Hit Wonder.

As the book is being made available to everyone, here are a few random thoughts :

a) Please, spread the word. Buy your copy at your local comic shop or through ComiXology when available.
b) Talk about the book.

Love it. Hate it. But talk about it.
IMG_3943c) Don’t forget it’s the first book of a 5 issue series. So there’s a big picture. And you’ll be blown away. Guaranteed!
d) You already know Ariel Olivetti’s talent. But with this book, you have an opportunity to discover some French fellow artists never ever published in the USA and who will impress you. In One Hit Wonder#1, it’s Jean-Marie Minguez, followed by Elsa Charretier in One Hit Wonder #2.

Wait… there’s more!

Looking for a reward? Send me pics of you buying One Hit Wonder#1 on the first day (tomorrow) and we make you a character in the book. Yes, it’s true! you’re not dreaming. Hit me on Twitter (@fabricesapolsky) with your pic. If you’re the 26th to send me your photo, you win! Not kidding. Ready? Go! 

For those who have no idea what I’m taling about, read the first 6 pages here :

Let’s celebrate together now.

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