Collaborations sometimes happen through mysterious ways. I’m thrilled to announce I’m part of a unique experience, a new comic book debuting today on Kickstarter: BORN A BADA$$!

It’s a comic book based on the true story of Hip Hop artist and Personal Trainer Oracle Jayne Doe. I am co-writing the book as well as drawing it. It’s a story about achievement, courage and survival. In times like ours, stories of ordinary people with extraordinary destinies are a constant reminder that no matter what the challenges are, never giving up is the key to overcoming almost everything. I felt truly moved and inspired by Oracle Jayne Doe’s story and I’m thrilled to be part of this project.

It’ll also be my first full project as interior artist (yes, even before Over My Dead Body is completed). Talk about a helluva challenge! (lol). Please take a look at the campaign here and pledge any way you can:


Sometimes, #superheroes are walking among us. Check out this project and pledge!

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