MUTINY #3 mystery cover finally revealed!

As Final Order Cut-off date for MUTINY MAGAZINE#3 approaches (on June 27th, 2022), FairSquare Comics is proud to reveal the last piece of cover art for this issue, drawn by Marvel Superstar artist PAUL RENAUD.  We all have childhood heroes. And for Paul Renaud as well as many other kids who grew up in FranceContinue reading “MUTINY #3 mystery cover finally revealed!”


Not quite a REVOLUTION… But a MUTINY! And unlike Guy Fawkes’ plans, we have no intention to fail. We want to make the release of MUTINY MAGAZINE#1 a success and a giant party for all comic book readers to enjoy. If you’ve been following our feeds, you already know about MUTINY#0, an outstanding success on KickstarterContinue reading “MUTINY#1: REMEMBER THE 3RD OF NOVEMBER!”