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So here’s the thing… We LOVE comics. And you probably love them as much as we do, right? Whether they’re Small. Big. Independent. Corporate. Left to right. Right to left. Americans. Europeans. Asians. Africans. Atlanteans. Genoshans. Kryptonians. Marvel. DC. Image. Aftershock. Dark Horse. Boom and more… Every kind of Comics!

So we had this CRAZY IDEA: Why not put everyone under the same roof? One safe haven for everybody.

MUTINY Magazine is representative of the diversity, expressiveness, and beauty of our communities and our medium.

Includes: 60 pages or original comic stories from: Stefano Gaudiano, Moritat, El Torres, Fran Galan, Fabrice Sapolsky, Eder Messias, Shadia Amin, Paige Wesley, Jaime Pineda, Joshua Starnes, Raymond Estrada and Simone Guglielmini.

Editorial content:

  •  TODD MCFARLANE: THE ART BUSINESS MAN TELLS IT ALL! This is our sit down with the legendary creator of SPAWN. He speaks about his routine, what he learned from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and, of course, everything related to the SPAWN UNIVERSE!
  •  JOE SINNOTT: INKER FANTASTIC. Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Joe Sinnott inked over a hundred issues of the series, as well as many Thor ones. He unfortunately passed away in 2020, but we dug this exclusive interview he gave us 10 years ago and where he talks about the Silver Age of Marvel and what it was to work in that environment. A real walk down memory lane!
  •  JAMAL IGLE, WRONG EARTH-RIGHT GUY: Another interview! This time with comics veteran Jamal Igle. He’s seen it all. Did it all. But managed to remain fresh and relevant for over 25 years.
  •  BECKY CLOONAN & MICHAEL CONRAD’s EXCELLENT ADVENTURES: These two are not just talented and creative. They’re also adorably inseparable. Comics are their lives and we’re lucky they share their stories with us! From WONDER WOMAN to DOOM PATROL, TREMOR DOSE and Marvel’s DARK AGNES we’re browsing entire universes with them. .
  •  LOVECRAFT’S  COMIC BOOK LEGACY. Author H.P. Lovecraft is controversial (that’s the least we can say) and divisive. But no one can argue that his influence on modern day comics has been massive. How do we know? We’re backing this up with proofs in this feature.
  •  THE NEXT BIG THING: Jason Reeves and Rashad Doucet talk about their next book called PAX SAMSON: THE COOKOUT. All Ages, All good!
  •  BRYAN VALENZA’S LIFE IN CMYK: From his Indonesian HQ, the color artist shares his process, his secret sauce to embellish comics from many publishers.
  • BONES LEOPARD: Non Compliant. Non-Binary. 100% Kickass creator. Through this feature, they’re walking us through their career and their most recent Boom Studios project called SAVE YOURSELF!

This version is presented with  The TATIANA  sexy cover by Leila Leiz (colored by Edgy Ziane). This is cover C for this issue.

100 pages. 8.3×11″. Full Color. Square bound. Soft Cover. Premium Matte stock.

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