At FairSquare Comics, we care about people and representation. As Pride Month begins today, we want to highlight our LGBTQIA+ collaborators and characters.

Our flagship title, INTERTWINED, by Fabrice Sapolsky and Fred Pham Chuong, contains a Queer love story that makes the whole graphic novel relevant. The key segment revealing the relationship between Da Wei and Marcus, has been scripted by Ramon Gil.

In NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK, three stories present positive LGBTQIA+ characters and relationships. One between two men (“Unfinished Business”) by Greg A. Elysee and Guile, another between two women (“Entanglement”) by Erika Hardison and Karen S.Darboe, and one more, “Chasing the Night” by Hannibal Tabu and Quinn McGowan starring a non binary character of color.

Readers can also turn to MUTINY MAGAZINE and NO FUTURE, by Fabrice Sapolsky and Eder Messias. There, we introduce Leslie, a trans character (M to F) who had a very complicated life, to say the least. She appeared right from the first episode, in MUTINY#0 and her story will start to unfold with the fourth installment, in MUTINY#4.

More will be published in the future and we’re always open and proud to help LGBTQIA+ creators bring their vision to life. Whether it’s through comics or within the pages of MUTINY MAGAZINE, FairSquare Comics will always be an ally and a safe place for all.

Let’s not forget to give a shoutout to three of our frequent collaborators: Lilliah, Chris and Humberto. We’re happy to have you!

Happy Pride Month to everyone. Be respectful. Be open minded. Take this opportunity to educate yourself and understand the LGBTQIA+ communities better. Be a great ally! Now let’s go party…

Love is Love.


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