Not quite a REVOLUTION… But a MUTINY! And unlike Guy Fawkes’ plans, we have no intention to fail. We want to make the release of MUTINY MAGAZINE#1 a success and a giant party for all comic book readers to enjoy.

If you’ve been following our feeds, you already know about MUTINY#0, an outstanding success on Kickstarter this past Spring, with over $20K collected. We took a vow to come back in the Fall for issue #1. The time has come. And we are SO excited to share the news with the world.

Solicited in Diamond Comics’ PREVIEWS CATALOG this September (for November 2021 releases), please give it up for MUTINY#1 and its four exclusive covers!

COVER A comes from legendary artist DARICK ROBERTSON. As we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of the series he co-created, THE BOYS, Darick delivers a gut-punch with this HOMELANDER original cover!

COVER B has a more post-apocalyptic vibe and comes to us from Illinois-based artist GENE HA (Top 10, Mae). Colored by Seb Lamirand, it stars two characters from the KILIWATCH project that you’ll be able to discover in our inaugural issue. How cool is that?

COVER C stars our very own poster girl: Miss Mutiny! Get ready to see her often. She’s your host. Designed by the great CHRIS CROSS (who drew her on issue #0), she’s been taken to Ancient Greece God level by rising star artist KAREN S. DARBOE. Karen is family to FairSquare Comics. She was featured in our NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK anthology and since then has been hired by studios like Skybound and Boom for their comics. Yep. Cool, right?

COVER D aka “the Mystery cover” is the last cover standing and we owe it to our insanely gifted friend MARGUERITE SAUVAGE! We can’t show it to you (Mystery remember?) but we can say that : 1) It’s a SEXY cover* 2) It’s a RETRO GAMING themed cover. 3) You will NOT be disappointed. 4) This cover is limited to 299 copies! Order fast!!!

Of course, with all those beautiful covers, we can’t disappoint with our content. And while we are sworn to secrecy, we can reveal that this issue will contain:
– 5 interviews from top talents.
– 55 pages of original comic stories in various genres, styles and themes.
– A forgotten hero.
– A feature on Cyber Sex in comics (don’t worry, it’s still PG).

As promised, MUTINY MAGAZINE is a home for ALL type of comics. All creators. All genres. Everyone under the same roof. 🙂 Get ready to be surprised!

Are you as excited as we are?
Good. So if you’re a retailer, use the codes below to order from Diamond Comics.
If you’re a fan, ask your favorite comic store to add MUTINY to your pull list using the same codes.
In case you’re wondering, MUTINY MAGAZINE is Diamond Exclusive. You won’t be able to find it in Digital form**. FairSquare Comics believes in print publications and we hope you do to. Now, friends, order away:

SEP211534   MUTINY MAGAZINE #1 CVR B HA (MR) (C: 0-1-1)

* Cover D is part of our “SexyWomen by Women program”. 1000% in line with our values, we decided that sexy covers would only be drawn by women the way they wish to represent themselves. Their body, their rules.

** Except for Subscribers who have an exclusive access to the MUTINY VAULT. Interested? Subscribe here (USA only).

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