This is big. The first graphic novel distributed through Diamond Book Distributors and Diamond Comics comes this September. Get ready to welcome this new version of the already cult hit from FairSquare Comics.

Back in April, we inked a global distribution agreement with one of the biggest book and comics distributors in America, Diamond, to bring all our upcoming (and exciting) projects to bookstores and comic stores near you. Well, starting now, you can pre-order the first one of them, NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK!

This second edition of our hit graphic novel anthology is slightly different from the previous Kickstarter edition. It has been expanded to 148 pages to include bonuses as well as “The Circuit” story in full (previously, it was only a preview and the long form version was only available to select tiers of the Kickstarter campaign). The official street date is September 28th, 2021 (which is also our friend and NITNB writer MD Marie’s birthday).

NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK is already ready for pre-orders through the following channels:

1- COMIC BOOK STORES: We strongly suggest you start shopping there. To ask your local comic book store to order the book, it’s easy, just give them this magic code: JUL211635. They’ll know what to do! You don’t know where’s the nearest comic store? No problem! Just hit this website and you’ll get the answer. Good to know: comic book stores will receive NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK early (on September 15th). So if you’re the early adopter type, this is for you!

2- INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES: Being an indie publisher, of course we’re going to support other independents. If there’s definitely no comic book store around, feel free to go to your favorite local bookstore and ask them for a copy of NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK. There’s also a website where you can order online and support our friends too. Click here to pre-order:

3- AMAZON: Alright. We understand. It’s not our favorite choice, but it’s definitely a convenient one. To pre-order on this platform, here’s the link:


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