The comic book industry is rich of dozens of publishers, thousands of creators, hundreds of thousands of fans, multiple distributors and when it comes to quality, size doesn’t matter. How does a reader navigates into this maze?

Our answer is MUTINY MAGAZINE!

This new publication was created to gather everyone under the same roof, to bring UNITY to comics. MUTINY MAGAZINE combines premium editorial content covering every kind of comics with original creator-owned comic stories in a bold new diverse way.

“We believe that, especially because there’s so much content out there, a magazine like MUTINY is very useful to help you make your choice and read great new comics from very talented (and especially under-represented) creators. It’s really a place where all creators and publishers are welcome. I call it the Switzerland of comics!” says FairSquare Comics founder Fabrice Sapolsky.

Launching today on KICKSTARTER, MUTINY MAGAZINE starts with an old fashion issue #0, a throwback to 1990s comics! Definitely a collector’s item.

Five exclusive covers will be available for the readers to choose from:

• COVER A: SPAWN by Greg Capullo & Brian Haberlin

• COVER B: THE AFRO-FUTURISTIC WARRIOR (or Afro-Mutinysm as we like to call it) by Chris Cross & Bryan Valenza

• COVER C: SEXYBACK by Leila Leiz

• COVER D: Blank variant that fans can have their favorite artists draw on.

• COVER E: the MYSTERY cover. Only revealed when we reach our second stretch goal.


Content-wise, MUTINY MAGAZINE #0 covers both mainstream and independent comics.
Our inaugural issue includes:

• TODD MCFARLANE*: As he’s about to debut his own SPAWN expanded universe, we sat down with the legendary creator for long-form interview about his past, present and future as well as the things he learned from greats like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

• JOE SINNOTT*: The Fantastic Four are turning 60 this year, and to celebrate the event, we’re offering readers an exclusive interview of the legendary Marvel inker. Conducted 10 years ago (Joe Sinnott unfortunately passed away in 2020), this piece honors both the legacy of an artist as well as Marvel’s first family.

• BECKY CLOONAN/MICHAEL CONRAD*: These two are not just talented and creative. They’re also adorably inseparable. Comics are their lives and we’re lucky they share their stories with us! From Wonder Woman to Doom Patrol, Tremor Dose and Marvel’s Dark Agnes we’re browsing entire universes with them.

• BRYAN VALENZA’S LIFE IN CMYK: From his Indonesian HQ, the color artist shares his process, his secret sauce to embellish comics from many publishers.

• LOVECRAFT’S  COMIC BOOK LEGACY.Author H.P. Lovecraft is controversial (that’s the least we can say) and divisive. But no one can argue that his influence on modern day comics has been massive. How do we know? We’re backing this up with proofs in this feature.

• MIRKA ANDOLFO DOES WHATEVER SHE WANTS: The talented Italian creator has reached a status in the American comic book industry that very few non-native speakers have achieved. Writing and drawing her own comics, she’s courted by all major publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, Humanoids) and has a very intense creator owned series at Ablaze Comics. She’s a free spirit and we love it. 

*These interviews are also available in audio versions in some Kickstarter rewards.


Next to the editorial content, MUTINY MAGAZINE is offering over 50 pages of original creator owned comic stories from a mix of new and established creators. Get ready to discover them.

For this issue, our selection includes (but isn’t limited to):

• AOKIGARA TALES: a tale of terror from El Torres and Fran Galan

• THE HAZE: a female-led superhero with mommy issues type of story by Shadia Amin, Jamie Pineda and Juan Murillo)

• KIRBYESQUE: a very Harvey Pekaresque vision of [comic book legend] Jack Kirby’s early life from Stefano Gaudiano and Moritat.

• THE LEGEND: a hardboiled Noir short story from Italian master Simone Guglielmini

• NO FUTURE: a post-apocalyptic temporal drama from Fabrice Sapolsky and Eder Messias


The MUTINY MAGAZINE#0 crowdfunding campaign started April 7th for 30 days.

The initial goal ($9000) guarantees a 84 pages full color square bound issue (superior printing).

Additional stretch goals would allow more pages (both editorial and art) and more funds for creators. FairSquare Comics prides itself in paying comic book creators fairly. Supporting MUTINY MAGAZINE also means supporting freelance creators heavily impacted by COVID 19.

Link to the campaign:


  1. This sounds great but there are four other magazines in the marketplace called Mutiny, with their own websites, facebook groups and instagram accounts. Good luck though, your magazine does look amazing and is just what the industry needs. If only you could get onto supermarkets shelves.

    1. Thanks for your support Bov. We are fully aware there are others. But none like us indeed.
      Supermarkets (and mass markets in general) are a tough place for comics related print products. It’s very expensive to get there. And products can get damaged easily. But you can get your issue delivered to your door! And as they say, “small is beautiful (and collectable)”. 🙂

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