It had to be a musical reference. And if the title of this post is a nod to Tracy Chapman, the name of our new blockbuster project is inspired by Prince. Today, FairSquare Comics is happy to announce a new venture: MUTINY MAGAZINE!

“I’m going back to my roots” announces Fabrice Sapolsky, FairSquare Comics’ publisher. True, in 1998, our founder started his journey in comics with a magazine called COMIC BOX. But MUTINY MAGAZINE, if it shares a bit of its predecessor’s DNA, is completely different.

After a very challenging 2020, it occurred to us that instead of propelling the seeds of division, the world of comics and graphic novels needed unity. So we came up with this very simple idea: bringing both mainstream comics (Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Boom, RH Graphics and more) and independent comics (from self published to small press) under the same roof, in the same magazine.

Revolutionary? A bit. Hence the name: MUTINY MAGAZINE!

MUTINY MAGAZINE is an old fashion magazine for a new era. With its interviews. With its in-depth articles about every possible comic related topic. Plus… A little extra value: 55+ pages of original, comic stories from established and new creators, many of those from under-represented categories of artists/authors. A lot of premium comic content for a very affordable price. MUTINY MAGAZINE will break every mold. It’s the most exciting project we’ve been working on at FairSquare Comics this year, so far.

Intrigued? Don’t miss our debut on KICKSTARTER on APRIL 7th. Click the link to get the latest updates:

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