For our fellow Americans celebrating it, Happy Thanksgiving. And for the rest of us, Happy Friends Giving from the FairSquare Comics crew. We are different but the same. We can find a reason to be grateful everyday… like being alive right now (#wearamask folks. Please).
Now a message from FairSquare Comics founder Fabrice Sapolsky:
“Taking this opportunity to talk about INTERTWINED. That book is So important to me. It’s the first I wrote after I relocated to the United States. The main character is the mascot of my company. It’s an immigrant’s talent or everyone to enjoy. Let’s never forget where we’re coming from. And YES, Frederic Pham Chuong and myself have big plans for the future of the series from 2021 to eternity! It’s really hard for everybody right now but let’s be positive. It will get better. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks to all who reached out during this challenging year. And even to those who haven’t”.

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