As FairSquare Comics launches its new Supernatural Queer Graphic Novel, TWIN KINGS’ BATTLE, on KICKSTARTER (10/08/2020), we’re going where NO comic book publisher has gone before: we’re launching a promotional campaign on the HULU streaming service!

Kickstarter has become the de facto place to be for independent publishers in 2020. A lot of creators have experienced outstanding success raising money on the famous crowdfunding platform to make their projects a reality. FairSquare Comics has certainly jump aboard that train with two successful campaign since February 2020, including the massively funded NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK anthology, a collection of Noir stories from Black comic book creators, last August.

But for the up and coming publisher, putting a project on Kickstarter isn’t enough to guarantee its success. “We failed before. We could fail again. People can’t buy everything. There’s a lot of great projects out there. Crowdfunding filled the void when COVID hit and many publishers and stores couldn’t operate normally. Independent creators and small publishers like us, who have been on platforms like Kickstarter from day 1 have to be pro-active. We’re living a –very limited—Gold Rush era in publishing. But that can’t last forever. There’s going to be a natural selection. You have to start doing things a bit differently now.” says FairSquare Comics’ founder and CEO, Fabrice Sapolsky.

The different in question includes going to streaming giant HULU to promote its new graphic novel. “Twin Kings’ Battle being a project unlike any other, we needed to be creative in terms of marketing and promotion.” Adds Fabrice Sapolsky. “Mid-September, HULU opened a program for small businesses. I applied and got in. From there, it was a no brainer. Promoting our Kickstarter campaign on the airwaves with just as powerful tools as YouTube’s is the thing we needed to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. To my knowledge, we’re not just the only publisher, big or small, to go on HULU, we’re also the only one bringing the Kickstarter brand with us.”

The Twin Kings’ Battle Kickstarter ad will run on HULU from October 7th, when the campaign for the graphic novel starts to October 15th, 2020.


Twin King’s Battle, from writer-artist Phil Briones, is a story inspired by the best Asian romance tales of all mediums including manga/manga, tv series, and literature. It’s a sentimental queer multi-layered drama fueled by supernatural and mystical elements.

Phil Briones has enjoyed a successful career in animation (at Disney, working on movies such as Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove or A Goofy Movie), before transitioning to comics, first in his home country, France, then in the United States with big publishers like Marvel, DC and Humanoids.

The Graphic Novel debuts on Kickstarter on October 8 (until Oct.31st).
Many tiers are available including monthly digital deliveries and special variant covers from Phil Briones and comic book stars Jim Cheung and Yanick Paquette!  

FairSquare Comics also launches the “BFF” (Best Friends of FairSquare Comics) program for retailers. These packages include a special edition of the graphic novel PLUS, a super rare comic book printing (100 copies) of the first Twin Kings Battle chapter with a specific cover.



Twin Kings Battle teaser trailer can be found here:


FairSquare Comics LLC was created in June 2019 to develop, publish and distribute new comics created by Fabrice Sapolsky and his amazing friends. FairSquare Comics’ mission statement is to publish, promote and give more space to immigrant and under-represented groups of creators. What we call “Comics for the rest of us”.
FairSquare Comics was also founded with the ambition to be the first comic book “think tank”. Providing services to comic book publishers as well as creators, both aspiring and established. FairSquare Comics ambitions to lead by example, promoting best practices, fair deals and transparency in our industry. 

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