Hey, I’m on a podcast today! This time with my friend Oracle Jayne Doe who’s also running the TRAP Bootcamp initiative. We sat down and talked about Social Justice, Superheroes and our upcoming project together: Born a Bada$$!
We recorded this podcast last Saturday as sirens and helicopters were flying like crazy over L.A. And the timing couldn’t have been better.
This is one of many answers to the whole situation happening here in the United States. OJD aka Kawanna, and I met on Instagram. But we immediately bonded over creativity, comics and music. And now I’m the “little hands” helping her fulfill her vision. She’s the Badass in question. She’s in charge. And I’m humbled and proud to be at her service to tell her story to the world.

Check the podcast here:–16-Are-you-Accessing-your-inner-Super-HeroThe-Creative-Crusaders-of-the-Comic-book-World-eeuajn

And more info on OracleJayne Doe and TRAPBootCamp can be found here:

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