Today is May 6th, 2020. And I want to try to see if I can share a bit more of my creation process while also tracking my own productivity. There’s something really liberating about sharing your stuff with the world. And somewhat modern (or at least to me).
So without further due, here are the metrics for the past 2 weeks (April 22-May 6th):

• LADY-BIRD: Fully plotted chapters 1-2. Half of chapter 3 (out of 4). Scripted pages 1-4. Sent proposal to a potential artist.
• THE LITTLE DRAGON & ME: Plotted the whole graphic novel. Scripted the pages 1-5. Sent pages to Stéphane Roux, the artist on the project.
• THE COLUMBUS CIRCLE: The plot was already done. I broke down pages up to p.11 and fully scripted the first 2. Sent those to Yasmin Flores, who should be the artist on the book. She’s very busy though.
• NO FUTURE: Reworked the pitch document. But the first issue has been done for months. Plot for the first 7 issues has been ready for a year at least.
• ONE-HIT WONDER: Completed restoration of the original series, lettered one of the two original new short stories, finished writing and designing the bonus section and the cover/backcover, sent the book to the proofreader.

• Pencilled a Thing 11×17 piece for one of the Kickstarter backers (still need to ink it)
• Pencilled a Richie/One-Hit Wonder 11×17 piece for another Kickstarter backer (again, I have to ink it).
• Pencilled/inked a One-Hit Wonder piece to be included in the graphic novel
• Revisited the Vampirella commission I did earlier in April to included it in my future Sketchbook
• Inked and colored an Is’Nana The Were Spider pinup for independent creator Greg Elysée’s hit series.
• Drew a Star Wars “May the 4th” head shot.
• Kept inking an independent comic book characters jam piece based on the New Teen Titans#1 original cover (added 3 characters).
• Drew the first episode of a strip so secret I had to teach myself to forget about it right after it was pencilled, inked and colored. What were we talking about already?

On top of all this, I followed up with a couple of contacts from the #DVPIT pitch event, I kept sending job applications (yes, I’m still looking for a day job, thank you very much), been [unsuccessfully] looking for artists for future projects, was a guest at the ALT-FCD even and talked to a few comic book peeps on the phone.

And you know what? I think it’s not enough. Am I crazy?
Confinement hasn’t been really great for my productivity. How have YOU been doing productivity wise? What are your tips? I’d love to know.

Let’s keep in touch. Next update about productivity in about 2 weeks!


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