This weekend, APRIL 18-19th, 2020, I’m attending a very special event: a STAY HOME ARTIST ALLEY! In these very pandemic times, and without conventions to bring us revenue, most creators are left with very few options. Thankfully, there are people out there with the drive and energy to put together events like these. Kudos to fellow Frenchman Vincent Michel who invited me to be a part of this COMMISSION WEEKEND event (and shoutout to Thierry Mornet for dropping my name to him).

Well, the name says it all, right? It’s a Facebook Group (address below) where 30+ artists are offering their services. And there are some very very talented folks here, I’m thrilled to be (virtually) tabling with these ones. People like Guile, Niko Henrichon, Fernando Dagnino, Julien Hugonnard-Bert, Juan Samu, Victor Ibañez, Davide Gianfelice, Ramon Bachs, Drew Moss, Mirko Colac, Alberto Ponticelli and many more.

How do you order?
Very easy. You log on Facebook. You click on the group to join:

Then you scroll down and find my name. Every artist has a post attached to their name. And you post your request. You can also write me directly on FB or send me a text message at this number: +1(323) 405-9401.

What can you order?
I’ll draw anything you want just like at a regular convention. I’ll be mainly offering bust shots to be able to create as many commissions as I can during the weekend and make everyone happy. But if you want something a bit more elaborate like an 11×17″ piece or a full fledged Sketch Cover, you can also get that and order them here:

How much is it?
I’m running a special right now for bust shots. I’m only charging $60 (plus shipping).
The piece will be 9×12″ (for metric friends, it’s a bit larger than A4).
Sketchcovers are $100 (except for yellow and black ones which are a bit more expensive). All my drawings are fully inked and shaded.
Shipping costs are $5 in the US and $20 everywhere else (real cost is $26.75 so it’s already a great deal!).

Thats the end?
No, it’s the beginning! I’m waiting for your orders starting this Saturday.
Since the promoter is in France, the group is open on French time zone.
It starts at 10 AM Paris time. Which makes 4AM EST and 1 AM PST.
CONVENTION WEEKEND will run until Sunday night.

Can’t wait to see you all then!


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