Welcome to a new edition of FETCH A SKETCH, a peak into my process as I’m creating commissions. This time (as often), I was requested to draw Spider-Man Noir. Here’s how i did it, easy as 1-2-3, step-by-step…


I’ve drawn Spider-Man Noir so many times that finding an inspiration for it can take some time. Fortunately, there’s Pinterest! This service has been great for me. Providing an unlimited amount of inspiration from other great artists. I came across an old sketch from Mike Wieringo, and started browsing. His art was not just phenomenal, it had the spark I needed. I knew Mike a little. He was fantastic artist, gone too soon in 2007.
So I started sketching with his art in mind. I can see how my art has improved recently (is this a consequence of COVID-19?). I used to start sketching stuff like I vomited shapes. Now it looks like something from the get go as you can see in the video below:

2- Inks

As I often state it, inking is my favorite part. I usually start with my Tombow Brush Pen. This pen has become my favorite over the years. It comes in two different flavors, Soft or Hard tip. I prefer the soft one. It’s smooth, durable and very very precise.

And for the large areas, I’m either using Sharpie markers (mainly because I like how they render) or a Pentel Brush pen. Many artists don’t really like Sharpies. But I do because, 1) they’re cheap. And 2) their black is really black. Like jet black. The Pentel Brush pen is really pleasant to use and quite inexpensive with its repleaceable cartridges. But the ink isn’t as thick and black as I like it to be and I usually have to blend it with markers to get the result I want.

3- Shading and finish

Welcome to the Copic-Verse. It’s a rip off, but up to now, I couldn’t find better. Copics blend in a fantastic way. They can really transcend a mediocre drawing (I know that FOR A FACT, lol). My weapons of choice are Neutral Greys: N1 through N6 to be precise. And here, because I’m crazy, I decided to add a little something to this commission in the form of some halftone screentone from Deleter. It brings some old school flavor to the piece and blends perfectly with Spider-Man Noir’s style.

Now the commission is ready to ship!
And if, like Butch, you want a commission too, remember you can order one through this website by clicking here: www.fairsquarecomics.com/store

To be continued!


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