I hope no one’s sick of my newest creation already. I’m having a ball… Today’s challenge: creating a cover for Lady-Bird!

I immediately thought of the character flying over New York. At this point, New York is not in the script, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. And it looks cool, so what the hell!

As I did up to now, I started my sketching process on paper before heading to Sketchbook Pro on the Cintiq to ink it. For a millisecond, I contemplated the idea of coloring it. Like in full color. But I still suck at it. So shading in a duotone fashion was the safest solution to get something acceptable.

Working in Sketchbook Pro!

Inking/shading took about 3 hours. Then I went to Photoshop to clean my lines and flats, to add the logo and work on the design. I always liked the covers with a texture on it. So I added one at the last minute. The background came from a royalty-free image bank (I have an account).

The final pass in Photoshop!

I dig the final results. What do you think? Feel free to comment!

— Fabrice

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