2020 was supposed to be a great year. But we’re now living in very uncertain times. The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the entire planet. What’s going to happen for us as comic book creators? For me? For you? Let’s talk about it…

It started really well for me. Early February 2020, the successful ONE-HIT WONDER Kickstarter campaign brought a smile to my face. As I was leaving Humanoids (the publisher I had been working for since 2017), I was ready to get back to be the full-time comic book creator I never ceased to be.

But, just like the reste of the world, I’m impacted by the “Corona Virus”. All the Comic-Book Conventions I was supposed to attend have been postponed sine die or cancelled. These cons are, for independent creators, a huge part of our business. Knowing that we won’t be able to meet our [new and existing] fans is heart breaking and wallet breaking.

But hey, in comics, no one ever dies or can’t escape tricky situations.
So our community is ready to fight back!

Quarantined making comics, what’s new?
Most comic book creators work from home. So, viruses? No worries! Well, as long as we’re not close to infected people. But we can’t live without support. Without fans. Without the world. This is the reason why we’re sharing our stories and art. So what’s next?

Well, first, please follow me on Social Media, and follow my creator friends too. Don’t just like: SHARE. And support, by buying our products directly from US. There’s nothing wrong about buying elsewhere, but by buying from the creators, you get more and you’re sure that most of the money goes to us instead of another platform.

Most of us are constantly looking for commissions or work. If you can’t buy yourself, maybe you know someone who can? Don’t hesitate to throw our names out there. If you like our work, spread the love!

But more than anything, let’s be loyal to each other.
Let’s build a community. Let’s talk. Let’s share. Let’s not be strangers.
I know it’s still unusual, but I’m sharing my phone number with you guys for that reason.
Text me at +1(323) 405-9405 and let’s make sure that, together, we can build a strong, long lasting relationship. A creator is nothing without an audience. You like us, we need you too.

From my home office to your home, I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

To be continued.

— Fabrice

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