This weekend, I was at the Philly Cosplay and Comics show. While it was a small convention, I was happy to go and re-discover Philadelphia, a city I only visited once nearly 25 years ago (and it struck me how familiar the streets looked… Very European design).

As often, a lot of people talk to me about Spider-Man Noir. I always carry a copy of the book with me. My only copy (well… I also have a German and a French edition). And every time, I’m asked how much I’d sell it. I’m not. I’m holding on to it. But this morning, I had the curiosity to check on Amazon and Ebay and I discovered the book was currently trending between $100 and $123. There’s even a guy selling it for $280!


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When it was released, the book (combining the first two mini series) cost about $20. Investigating on the subject, I started to look at single issues. The first mini-series issues can be find for a price between $5 and $45 while Edge of Spider-Verse#1 ranges between $2 and… $40 (signed).

It’s very to understand how we got there. Supply and demand.
Marvel hasn’t reprinted the Spider-Man Noir series. It’s hard to find. Prices go up.
I hope the House of Ideas reprints it soon. Just like I hope you guys, the fans, write to Marvel asking for Spider-Man Noir to get his own series.

Fans vote with their dollars. There’s a niche for Spider-Man Noir to exist. I’d be more than happy to have a role in this, but even if I haven’t, it can only happen with your help. Spidey Noir deserves to be read by as many comic book readers as possible.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, there’s still the digital edition. @Comixology sells it for $7 here.

Meanwhile, I can draw Spider-Man Noir for you. I’m doing commissions at every show I attend. Here’s a sample below. Drop me a line if you want to hang this one in your home.

To be continued…



With the Vision Quest Gang (Christian Espiritusanto & Will Torres) AND Spider-Man. We all drew Spidey Noir last weekend.

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