Capture d’écran 2016-11-21 à 09.03.45.pngI’ve been toying with t-shirt and merchandise creation for about 20 years. Before the internet, it was expensive and it would suck up all your time. Around 2009, I started working with Spreadshirt. The quality was good, but the options were limited (they still are). After NYCC this year, I was contacted by Teepublic. At first, I said no. No time or brain space to create anything. But after giving it some thought, I reconsidered my position.

Yesterday, I opened my new t-shirt and collectible store there. After all, I have plenty of designs sleeping in my Mac. Drawings, logos, stupid stuff I make from time to time.
I also see it as a good opportunity to make Intertwined bigger with the fantastic artwork Fred Pham Chuong has created.
Right now I only have a handful of references, but it will grow fast. There are a dozen new designs about to be added, probably next week or so.

If you like it,  order a copy and post a picture!



Check it here: https://www.teepublic.com/user/fabricesapolsky

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