I have to say it’s always a great moment of excitement when a new issue drops. Especially this one. For some reason I can’t explain, I always found more interesting to write an issue two than an issue one. Issue 1, especially when you have to set up a new universe and have readers get to know the heroes of the story, is more character driven. But with issue 2, you go straight down to business!

I probably shouldn’t say that, but right now, issue 2 and 3 are my personal favorites. They’re my New Hope. With 4 and 5 being more my Empire Strikes Back and 6, pardon the pun, would be my Return of the Jedi. You’ll excuse the comparison but I think you get the idea. If you’re wondering why the Star Wars imagery, I’ll tell you: read issue 4 and 5. There’s an “I’m your father” type of revelation that will make total sense to you.

In Star Wars: A New Hope, we feel we’re in the middle of the story from the first frame. And we’re projected into action. I wanted to mimic that in Intertwined#1. Especially since, after talking with my editor, the story was cut in two leaving the first 13 pages out (they became issue #0). So now, we follow Juan Jin’s story from his own perspective. Just like the New Hope follows Luke Skywalker’s journey but you have the feeling that the story is way bigger.

I’m a child of the pop culture Star Wars brought to light. I was 7 when the movie came out. But, because my parents wouldn’t let us go see it, my brother and I discovered Empire Strikes back first. My dad was with us but slept most of the movie. We were hooked. This movie was unlike any other. It was november 1980 (at that time, blockbusters didn’t open right after the US, we had to wait months). It’s funny, because as I type this, I realize how much Star Wars has influenced Intertwined as much as Bruce Lee has.

Well… I said this book would be personal. It is. It’s for all of us who grew up with VHS, Star Wars and martial arts movies. Since George Lucas himself drew inspiration from Asian cinema, we’re going full circle here.

Waiting for your feedback.

To be continued…


Intertwined#2, from Dynamite Comics. On Sale November 9th. Issue #1 still on sale.

Did you catch ’em all? Issue #0, 1 and 2. Triple threat!!!!

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