One week after the even, like many creators, I’m still trying to recover from the marathon of awesomeness, fatigue and love that was New York Comic Con. First, I want to thank Jim Demonakos and Mike Negin and their team for being the best at making this edition an outstanding success (and I think everybody agrees on that). For me, it simply was the best show EVER as an exhibitor. It wasn’t perfect. But it was still phenomenal.
Let’s play pros and cons, shall we?

• The fans. They’re the best. They bet on your book and show love
• Sales! We sold 110 copies of Intertwined#1 and 45 copies of the #0. The book sells! If your comic book store doesn’t have it: HAVE HIM ORDER IT NOW!!!! They’ll sell them.
• Feedback: this is the part that I love the most. When fans come the first days and buy and then come back later to say : “when’s next issue?”. This is how you know you didn’t screw up. And Intertwined is good my chickens, it’s worth discovering…
• The cosplayers (I had two Spider-Men Noir this year!)
• The ComiXology service to creators: great to have somebody to bring you water or keep your booth while your in the restrooms!
• The Kingsman Bar: A BAR AT NYCC!!!! Really cool.
• The traffic : with 180.000 people over the week-end, it could’ve been a nightmare. It was always breathable.

• Exhausting
• I heard next year Artist Alley will be somewhere else… but where?
• Exhausting
• Not enough time to see other pros and friends (or editors)
• No real “con life”. In smaller cons, or in places like San Diego, everybody knows that creators meet at a certain bar. Not in NY. Too many places, too many bars. Too bad. At the same time, eating options are almost unlimited in NYC.
• I would’ve loved to go to a panel, as an attendee or a speaker. Next year maybe?

Below are a few pics I took during the whole week of NYCC.
Again, best con ever… Until the next one? 🙂

To be continued.


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