It’s always a surprise to have the local news outlets contacting you about your work. I know some people are used to doing this, but strangely, despite having interviewed many people myself when I was doing COMIC BOX, it feels weird being the interviewee.
But Colin Mixson, the journalist, immediately knew how to easen the process. He called me up last week to talk about the JEWISH COMIC CON. We spent abot 20 mn on the phone so he could create his piece. Unfortunately, only tidbits of what I said are in the final paper, but this is how Press works. It was a great experience anyway. And I loved talking about this project, the JEWISH COMIC CON.
It was followed by a photo session, early Tuesday morning, in front of the CKI Synagogue where the show will take place. I was joined by my good friend Fred Polaniecki, who’s also the President of CKI.
Read all about it here:

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