It’s #ForwardFriday! So it’s a good opportunity for everyone to tell a friend (or 25) about the exciting week ahead of us. YES. Intertwined is finally here! And with New York Comic Con coming up too, lots of exciting stuff coming up!

I know for a fact because I received the proof below:

I would’ve loved to do the whole unboxing ceremony, but the package arrived at an old address and I still have to retrieve it. Not a problem. The important thing is the book exists, is printed and WILL BE AVAILABLE in every comic book store of the world next wednesday.
So… Next week, we have three fantastic events :

1- OCTOBER 5 : It’s #Intertwined day in your comic book store. Go there. Buy it! Twice! We have two covers drawn by Fred Pham Chuong. The regular “Kung Fu cover” and the “Sin City homage cover”.

2- OCTOBER 6-9 : It’s NYCC aka New York Comic Con. Join Fred and myself in Artist Alley, booth #Q12. Or catch us at the Dynamite Comics booth in the main hall where we’ll sign too (schedule to be announced).

3- OCTOBER 10 : SIGNING TIME! You can’t make it to the New York Comic Con? No problem! We’ll be signing Intertwined#1 at the awesome Carmine Street Comics store in the West Village in NY. That’s 34 Carmine St (subway stop: West 4th). It’s from 5.30 to 8PM. Bring a friend!

Now #Forward this! 🙂 And join the KUNG FU NOIR REVOLUTION!

To be continued…

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