I don’t remember who had the idea of the Batman day, but it’s a cool occasion for all creators, fans and retailers around the world to pay homage to one of the best selling and most popular characters of all time.

Seriously. Batman rules.

But since everyone will be all about Batman today, I chose to draw… Batwoman.
This is a fascinating character. One that I’d love to write one day. And since it’s not in the cards right now, I can draw her. In this scene, Batman’s not far, but he’s not in the picture. And Batwoman is standing above a crime scene. She was there before Bats. Is Bruce too late to the “party”? That’s a good question. I’ll leave everyone interpret this drawing as they want. I just had fun drawing it.
By the way, whoever wants to buy this one piece once it’s inked, please send me a message. I’ll carry it in my portfolio at New York Comic Con if not sold by then.

And enjoy your Batman Day! Go to a comic shop and buy non-Batman comics for a change 😉 I know. I’m incorrigible. But creator-owned stuff is as important as Batman is for our industry.
To be continued…


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