Fred and I have known Gerald Parel for years. Fred has even a closer relationship due to the fact that they are both from French area of Alsace and Gerald gave  tips to Fred as he started in the comic book business (they also both love Transformers which is very cool too). So when we started putting together a list of artists for our Intertwined Portfolio (the one the Kickstarter backers will ultimately get), Fred immediately suggested Gerald, who now works mostly in video games within the Marko Djurdjevic owned studio, SixMoreVodka.
Long story short… We waited for Gerald’s pinup for a long time. But it finally came this morning. And boy… It’s beautiful. He chose to draw Lady Xia, a pivotal and incredibly powerful character in the series. Lady Xia is the Spirit of Water.

Oh, and for the retailers who order at least 25 copies of Intertwined#1 (AUG161525 or AUG161526) or #2 (SEP161565) this illustration might be a part of the potential cards you’ll receive for FREE and will be allowed to sell. Today’s the last day to order issue #1 before our publisher, Dynamite Comics, sends to print. And our little contest ends on Sept. 30th. All you have to do is send me a copy of your orderform at Intertwinedmasters@gmail.com.

So… Are you in? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “[This just in…] GERALD PAREL IS AN INTERTWINED MASTER TOO!

    1. Non, hélas. Je n’ai pas été invité et les couts pour y aller sur mes propres deniers depuis NY sont assez prohibitifs. Aucune chance que je puisse rentabiliser le voyage. 2017 peut-être ! 🙂

      1. C’est dommage! J’ai toujours votre affiche de Dr Strange sur mon mur et je m’étais dit que j’en prendrais surement une autre sur votre stand. Bonne continuation à vous.

      2. J’ai une boutique Etsy (que je n’ai pas mis à jour) et je vais sans doute ouvrir une autre. J’accepterai les CB. Je peux envoyer par la poste. Pas un souci ! 🙂 J’ai toujours de nouveaux dessins. Je peux aussi faire sur commande ! 🙂

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