The #Intertwined Masters are among us! 12 creators who joined us on our #KungFu #Noir journey! Olivier Coipel, Nick Bradshaw, Moritat, Karibu, Roland Boschi, Mateus Santolouco, Patch Zircher and more. They all signed to help us put together a portfolio during our Kickstarter campaign. Now, we’re sharing these masterpieces with the world.

#comicsretailers can get this #oliviercoipel card and many others from hot creators for every 25 copies ordered of issue #1  (AUG161525/aug161526) or #2 (SEP161565)! We’ll sign them and It’s FREE!

Fans can have them too is they share the Intertwined teaser with 25 of their friends. The comic is from @dynamitecomics (and we love our publisher) but this offer comes from the creators directly. More info at:
We want#more for the #comics #fans ! 🙏 Now#share!


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