For many of us, Star Wars is the very foundation of entertainment as we know it today. The George Lucas saga pretty much shaped everything up, from merchandising to storytelling and every bit of Star Wars to the tiny little bantha fart has been scrutinized to death. So with the unofficial-turned official celebration of the saga, every year on May 4th, I used to look at the feed and ask myself if I was really interested in taking part of it or not.
After seeing, and being disappointed by Episode VII, I wondered if I had distanced myself enough as a fan from that saga to be able to write something about it.

Guess what. I had an idea.

I want to write a one-shot on Admiral Ackbar.

From the very moment I saw him scream “It’s a Trap!” in the Return of the Jedi trailer, I was sold on the character and his potential. Unfortunately, he has been left behind in the prequels, has a tiny role in the most recent Star Wars and even in the “expanded universe”, he hasn’t been that much seen (very few comics and novels if I’m correct).

He’s massively underrated. That’s why I root for him.
I want to tell an Admiral Ackbar story before he was an admiral. I want his origin story. I want to tell everyone about his first days as a Rebel.

I’ve been fighting with my writing recently. Lots of events have even prevented me from updating this page. But this May the 4th, I feel like it’s a good time to finally tell that Ackbar story. I may very well be writing a pitch and send it to Marvel. And if they don’t want it, I may use the same route as my friend Tim Daniel: do it online for free. Can’t hurt. It has to get out.

Long live Admiral Ackbar. Happy Star Wars Day!


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