So… Batman v Superman spawned controversy? What a shocker (cue sarcasm). What do people expect? After Man of Steel, it seems that Zack Snyder keeps on claiming to the world how much he doesn’t like Superman the way it was created, and the world can’t hear it. He had to come up with his own version. A christic version. A character so far from Jerry Siegel’s vision (and the hundred writers that came after him) that you easily understand why they didn’t call him Superman one single time in the first movie.
So, the movie reviews were allowed to be posted today. Because the movie has already opened in some territories. It’ll be visible starting tomorrow evening in the US.

I’ll still go see it, but I keep wondering why Superman is said to be “tough to adapt on screen”?
The Donner version was both a critical and commercial success. The cartoons from Dini and Timm made him credible, relevant and YES, cool! You just need to have the good creative team. Just like in any comics.
So I drew a piece, quickly, this morning. Superman as “the thinker”. Wondering why, with 52 Earths in the DC Universe, not a single one could come with a good Superman movie!

And you, what do you think of all that?

To be continued…


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