This week-end, I’ve been in a Teen Titans state of mind. I always liked Raven, the character created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. She’s a very interesting character. She manipulates Wally West, Donna Troy and Dick Grayson in order to re-create the Teen Titans and then stays in her corner because she’s “too dark and dangerous” to hang out with the rest of the team. Lovely.
So… I’ve been fighting to properly draw Raven for some time. I won’t even show my previous attempts. But this time, I’m quite pleased. I changed my pencil. I changed my sketchpad. And it seems it helps me doing Raven justice.
The cool thing about learning to draw in front of everyone here on the internet and beyond is that I get all sorts of useful tips and feedback to improve my art. So here’s how I did:

STEP 1 : the rough pencil

Of course, I started with the rough pencils. I took inspiration from a statue I saw in a comic book store. I loved the pose and remembered it very well.

STEP 2 : the tightened pencil


After I tightened the pencils, I started working on shadows. I’m not particularly good with it. So I browsed the net to find the reference of the statue I saw. I found it. And I used the shadow references from the picture.

STEP 3: True Blue


Contrary to my previous Elektra drawing I thought I’d have much more fun inking the piece traditionally. I added some text (Raven’s most favorite curse, tweaked in Illustrator), converted the lines in blue and printed the purple witch on a 17×11″ art board.

STEP 4: the inks

IMG_6160I’m working on it now. Check back soon for the final results.

To be continued…





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