BIMF part Deux

If there was an audio feature on the blog, I’d say it with a French/American accent. “part dieuuuu”. I love when Americans speak French with their accent. As much as I can understand they love how we speak english with a French accent.
This is where I disappoint. I don’t have a French accent. I have an accent, but usually, people don’t know where it comes from. An “alien english accent”. It’s kinda vague.

The first thing I’ve been told when moving here was : “stay French”. And that included the accent. But I can’t fake a French accent all the time. I can do it if you ask me, but it’s like playing a role. How odd for an authentic Frenchie born in Paris!

Anyhow, that’s absolutely not what I wanted to talk about today.

Let’s cut the crap. I’m tired of superheroes.

I know what you’re going to say… “But you just did a Kickstarter with superheroes in it”. Not exactly. There are super-powered individuals. But they’re not superheroes per se. I’m not using the Intertwined characters as a Justice League of sorts.

They are far from being that. First, they have their own agendas. And, as you’ll see in the book, they’re far from being perfect protectors. They fail. They misjudge. They’re sometimes blind-sided or narrow minded.  They’re heroes without the super.

And I think that’s also the closest thing to superheroes I can write. I love Captain America as a reader but I couldn’t write him. I don’t feel I can make him talk with the right voice.

So in order to celebrate my “divorce” with superheroes, I drew a very strange Batman (or Batfleck, as you wish). He’s quite the chippendale type here. And there’s this woman, who tries to tempt him from behind (no pun intended) but he stays stoic.
I always pictured Batman as misogynous. He grew up without women around him. And he’s really bad at relationships. A lot of people have always theorized that Bruce Wayne was gay, but I think it’s a short cut. He’s probably too much in love with himself to love anyone. And we have this woman, represented by her hands. I drew a charmbracelet on her wrist. She’s trying to get Batman excited. But she can’t. And the bracelet, with superhero logos as charms, is like a trophy bracelet. She had them all. Batman’s the prize. But she can’t have it. I’d love to show what happens next. If he finally gets tempted. If she talks to him and whispers something super intelligent (because Batman is a sapiosexual). Or if he goes away and satisfies himself.

I guess superheroes are screwed up. Just wanted to put the emphasis on that.
Another reason why I don’t want to write them now.

And also, there are so many other  cool things to write!!!!

The French is back. SO bash me, I’m yours!

To be continued…


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