The day after the kickstarter. That’s when you ask yourself : “I’ve been high for 30 days… How am I gonna do?”. Well. Here’s my take…

If you follow my adventures, you know that I write comics, but I also love to draw. It’s written on my rack cards… “the writer who draws”. I found myself pretty miserable yesterday after the end of the Intertwined Kickstarter campaign.
Sure, my loved ones are happy to get me back. But me? I have an awkward feeling.

I’m sure every creator who has been through this have experienced it. There’s a hole in your head after you end such an incredible and passionate adventure. No more “backer alert”. No more tweeting every second. No more interrupting your (already screwed up) schedule.

Nothing but emptiness. Sad.

So I thought about it for a minute. I ruled the possibility of running to White Castle and buy 25 sliders. I just looked at my desk. I saw a pencil. Never used. I bought it to draw but didn’t have time to open it. Looked like a good idea to me. I took the pen and guess which character came?… The Spirit of the Earth!

The Intertwined hero has been in my head 24/7 for months. I had to let it out!
Guess it’s a good therapy.

So folks… If you get depressed or burnout? Write. Draw. Create something.

To be continued…


PS: I’ll finish that drawing and will probably make an art print out of it. If you’re ever interested…

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