AIRBOY : the French edition

Writing comics or creating ludicrous illustrations doesn’t monopolize all my time. I also do production work as an “OMAC” (One Man Army Corps, the Kirby fans got the ref) in the publishing and press fields. As part of that other side of me, I just wrapped translating and re-lettering the Image Comics mini Airboy, by James Robinson and Greg Hinkle.

It’s not the first time I’m doing that. That way (from English to French) or the other way (French to English). In the past, I’ve worked on the english version of Badass (Delcourt in France, Dynamite in the US) and a Mad Max Special that DC Comics produced for the Warner Bros special edition DVD/BluRay of Fury Road. I was also very much involved with all the titles imported from the States by the now defunct Atlantic BD line.

As a matter of fact, it’s what led me to translate and re-letter Airboy.

Moïse Kissous, Jungle Comics’ boss (and late Atlantic BD founder) wrote me back last summer. He wanted to do American comics again. I suggested Airboy which just came out at that time. Getting the license and the material took a while, but it finally happened and I spent a few days working on that local edition. This is something I really like to do.

Especially with Airboy. I absolutely love it. I was never a fan of James Robinson, but with this series, he won me over. It’s crude, brutally honest and introspective to a fault.
It’s not your regular comic book. It really came from another reality. And that’s why everyone should read it.

It gives a lot of information on what it is to be a writer in today’s competitive comic book industry. All of it with humor and lots of illegal stuff (lol). I’m very proud that the French audience can now discover it and that I have a small part in that.

The French edition from Jungle comes out in April. The US version is still available at a comic shop near you.

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