Learning to draw is a beautiful thing. And I’m not afraid to show my flaws. But I’d also like to share my progression. For example, here’s a DEADPOOL piece I’ve started working on while at the Baltimore Comic Con, back in September ’15. It has taken time but it’ll soon be exactly how I wanted it to be. Here’s the making of…

  1. The original sketch. 
    I got this rather stupid idea: Deadpool,on a bench, in a public area, giving popcorn to a bird (who mocks him). But hey, this is Deadpool. Stupid can be cool. IMG_4869
    I really liked the pose of that initial sketch, even though the feet are bizarre. But that was about to change…
  2. The first inks
    Fast forward 2 months later. I look at the piece again. I like working on the Wacom Cintiq, but as I discovered during my numerous shows this Fall, I also enjoy old school inking very much. So, while I was at the New Jersey Comic Expo, I started inking my Deadpool piece :
    Capture d’écran 2015-12-19 à 16.43.20
    Since I was tweaking it, I changed a few details. I made the bench a typical Paris one (hey, it’s my hometown, don’t judge). The bird which was closer to a duck in the previous version became a pigeon too (again something very parisian). A tree and a pillar were added too. I also used this opportunity to modify the boots and the feet I really disliked in the first rough.
  3. The final inks
    December 19th (yes, that’s today). I look at my sketch pad and see this unfinished piece. I have a few hours. Let’s complete it!
    Capture d’écran 2015-12-19 à 16.43.01
    The tree becomes real. A fence looks to be a nice idea to put behind the tree, showing the limits of the park as well as a few buildings behind it (damn, it’s looooong to draw buildings). I’m still not 100% satisfied with my piece (especially the pillar on the right). But for most of it, it’s ready to be colored and shine!
  4. Colors anyone?
    Okay, I’ll admit it: I really suck at coloring. I haven’t reached that level yet. I tried to color the drawing, but it feels weird, flat and really makes it worse. So while I’m waiting for a real talented colorist to save my day, I’ll leave the piece to your appreciation.

    Now… Who wants it as an art print?
    (and if you haven’t, please visit my new ETSY store, the BIMF STORE, here!

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