Week-end’s not over. Month’s not over. And you still have a few pennies left. You want to read this post!
I’m going to talk to you about a comic book that you don’t know you need but that you REALLY need.
Not because the creator is awesome (he is). Not because he’s French like me (he is too).

But because SILVER is pure joy. It’s a jewel. It’s comic book at its best. I am biased because, as everyone knows, I love the Noir genre. And SILVER is a Noir story. But it’s way more than that. It’s also a labor of love from an independent creator.
That of course talks to me in many ways. And it should matter to you!
So please do this : support SILVER’s new Kickstarter campaign here :
This comic book needs to see the light of day.

Thanks for helping Stephan Frank carry on with his story. Support SILVER. Now!


More info on SILVER at : DarkPlanetComics

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