Here comes… Dr STRANGELOVE!

For those who don’t know, Dr Strangelove is a Stanley Kubrick movie with Peter Sellers released in 1964. It was a political satire. And while I’m not going political with this piece, I definitely retained the satire element.
Don’t ask a creator where his/her ideas come from… They’re… Just there!

Anyhow, I found really funny to take a very serious character who rarely smiles like Dr Strange and make him a very different character, just like the charlatans who went from town to town in the late 19th Century, promising heaven and the whole nine yards. One thing Dr Strange (the real one) isn’t good at in his comics, is love. So I re-imagined him as a love specialist, or therapist or love guru (pick your poison). For the layout, I went back to the posters you could see at luna parks or circus and tweaked those.

I took a picture of myself as a reference and I drew from it. Leo Paciarotti, our awesome Harem colorist did a ridiculously good job making my stupid drawing a real piece of art.
So here he comes, folks: Dr StrangeLove!
I have every intention to make this one a limited edition art print to be sold at conventions, starting with my next one, in Baltimore!

To be continued,


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