The day has finally come. Today, Image Comics finally releases the final chapter of the first One-Hit Wonder arc. The issue is exceptional in many ways. But in case you have no idea what we’re talking about or you forgot all about it, here are five (great) reasons why you have to buy this issue :

1- It’s obvious, but it’s the end of a big story involving a bunch of mobsters, larger than life characters, lies, deceit, schemes and more!

2 – 29 pages of art. NO ads. Still $3.50. How’s that for a bargain?

3 – You like hip-hop? One-Hit Wonder#5 features two real life guest stars: Terrell “Carnage the Executioner” Woods and Ryan “Black Mozart” Leslie. The former is a rising star from Minnesota. The latter is a super-producer and incredible artist who worked for acts like LLCoolJ, Mary J.Blige, Ne-Yo, New Edition, Cassie, Fabolous and so many more. Both agreed to embark on the One-Hit Wonder adventure with me!

4 – It’s a creator-owned book from Image Comics. Image means quality and awesomeness. And it’s my first ever creator-owned book in the US. If you don’t know me, I’m the guy who came up with that crazy Spider-Man Noir idea for Marvel, then took it to David Hine so we could develop and write it together (which we did, in three different series).

5 – We have three terrific artists on board for the issue (because it’s so big we needed muscles): Stephen Thompson started, the über-talented Ivan Fiorelli finished and the amazing Stephane Roux covered.

I have to add that if you’re waiting for the trade, please don’t wait and buy the whole series as issues. The trade won’t come until fall at best and honestly, don’t we all love a big fat comic book series, old fashion style? This is EXACTLY what One-Hit Wonder is. So come and ride with us.

One more thing…

You’re a retailer? I’ll travel for you. I’ll come to your store and sign the books for your customers.

You’re a fan? Please come to either Special Edition NY or NYCC and not only I’ll sign the books, but I have a special free gift for you there if you stop by my booth.

So what are you waiting for? April 8th is #OneHitWonderDay!!!! Spread the word…


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