Creating an independent comic book is always a challenge. Not a science. A blend of human weaknesses, talent, knowledge and a bit of luck. In short, things rarely go as planned. Once the series is finished, I’ll tell everything in length about the creative process of my first creator-owned series, the trials and tribulations and joys of it. But for now, I’m just happy to say that the long delayed conclusion to the first story arc of ONE-HIT WONDER is coming.

OIW#5-CvrTwo fine gentlemen just saved the day.

The first one is the ridiculously talented Stéphane ROUX.
It’s funny, because Stéphane and I became friends through another person. We’d trade information for months, then we’d have lengthy Skype conversations about life, politics and, of course, comics.
We’re about the same age, have the same cultural references, and I’d say being Stéphane’s friend is the easiest possible thing. You just have to be yourself and be true. I love that guy (in a friendly way)… I already see people mocking us Frenchmen for kissing each other on the cheeks. But hey, this is a cultural thing you non-French cannot understand. Live with it.
But I digress… So when it became clear that Ariel Olivetti wouldn’t be drawing the cover for issue #5, I turned to Stéphane and I was happy he accepted. We talked about it and his first idea was to go “Dexter”, with a bloody character, Richie of course, smiling and covered with blood. Then, after giving it a shot, Stéphane came back saying he added the gun. And it made me feel like a twisted Clint Eastwood shot, even though it wasn’t designed that way. So I added a balloon and added a background which reflects the setting of the last issue (the Colorado mountains). And we both really like the final product.

You can see Stephane’s amazing work here :

The second friend who saved OHW#5 is Black Science artist Matteo Scalera. I’ve known Matteo for a long time. Way before he became that hot guy selling crazy numbers at Image Comics. I even offered him a chance to draw a few issues of a kid comic I’ve helped produced back in 2009-2010 called “Foot Dragons”. We had fun. We stayed friends. And I really love how much Matteo grew as an artist. The guy can draw anything! Two months ago, One-Hit Wonder’s artist, Stephen Thompson, left the series. Again, I was left without an artist and the last issue to complete. I started searching. Looking for aOHWivanTESTn artist is tough. But I started talking with Matteo and he recommended one of his friends, Ivan Fiorelli.
Ivan isn’t known in the US (yet) but has been working in Italy for a while, mainly for local publisher Bonelli Comics. He’s very motivated with ONE-HIT WONDER. And I’m happy to welcome him onboard.

You can see a bit of Ivan’s work here :

Now that we’re back to work, we’ll try to catch up as fast as a speeding bullet to deliver the issue as early as possible. I’ll keep the world posted about ONE-HIT WONDER#5. And this issue, despite the delay is NOT to be overlooked! It’ll be a 29-page comic story of epic proportions. It’s Richie Reese like you’ve never seen him before. You’ll discover Mafialand (as referred in issue #4, it’s the mob version of Disneyland) and boy, it’ll be a ride! With guest appearances, surprises and the whole nine yards.

ONE-HIT WONDER is coming back strong. Be ready for it. 🙂


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